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Giovanna Plowman / Tampon Girl

Written By nafhatus sahariy on Wednesday, January 23, 2013 | 6:48 AM

Tampon Girl is the nickname given to Giovanna Plowman, a teenager who uploaded a video of herself sucking on what appears to be a used feminine hygiene product. Since its upload onto Facebook and YouTube in January 2013, the video has sparked several reaction videos as well as an online debate regarding its authenticity.

Giovanna Plowman uploaded the original video to her Facebook page on January 19th, 2013, in which she removes a tampon off camera and proceeds to put it in her mouth while listening to the song “212” by Azealia Banks. The video was re-uploaded to YouTube later that same day by YouTuber FizzyShizzles, but both copies were subsequently removed for violating the sites’ terms of services. Eventually, a mirrored copy was re-uploaded to LiveLeak (shown below).

On January 20th, 2013, Yahoo Answers member Chantelle B. submitted a question asking if other members thought the video was faked, which sparked a debate about the video’s authenticity in the comments. The same day, the Examiner published an article about the Internet’s reaction to the video, reporting that Plowman was being bullied and people were spreading rumors that she had committed suicide. Meanwhile on YouTube, several viewers posted their reactions to Plowman’s video, in similar vein to the response videos associated with Two Girls One Cup and Interior Semiotics.
Also on January 20th, Redditor Madclown55 submitted the LiveLeak video to the /r/cringe subreddit, where it received over 160 up votes and 160 comments within 24 hours. On January 21st, YouTuber DailyGrace uploaded a fake reaction to the video, in which she acts disgusted while watching a tampon commercial (shown below).
As of January 21st, 2013, the “Giovanna Plowman” Facebook page has received over 161,000 subscribers and the @ItsGiovannaP Twitter account has received over 8,100 followers. Posts about the video can be found on the microblogging site Tumblr under the tag “#giovanna plowman.”. Giovanna appears to show rather no regret for her infamy and actions in her scandalous video, stating “im kinda famous guys”
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